A Special Thank you to our Co-Chairs

Charlie Blesener, Arne Engstrom (retired Sherburne County Commissioner), Peter Kimball, Amanda Larson and Stewart Wilson.


Former Elk River Police Chief Jeff Beahen
Former Elk River Fire Chief Bruce West
Elk River Police Chief Bradley R. Rolfe
Elk River Fire Chief T. John Cunningham
Former Sherburne County Commissioner Arne Engstrom
Former Sherburne County Commissioner Betsy Wergin
Former Sherburne County Commissioner Myron "Mike" Johnson
Former Sherburne County Commissioner Terry Nagorski
Former Sherburne County Administrator David Loch
Elk River Councilman Nick Zerwas
Former Elk River Councilman Daryl Thompson
Former St. Cloud Police Chief Dennis Ballantine
Former Big Lake Police Chief Norman "Skip" Gerlach
Former Sheriff Richard "Dick" Witschen
Former Anoka County Sheriff Bruce Andersohn
Former Wright County Sheriff Gary Miller
Zimmerman Mayor David Earenfight
Tim Jeanetta
Former ISD #728 School Administrator Jim Berg
Former Sherburne County Court Administrator Lori Norgren
Former Sherburne County Auditor/Treasurer Ramona Doebler

Paul Novotny
Former Elk River Senior Center Coordinator Sue Kostanshek
Former Elk River Police Sergeant Tom Tyler
Former MSP Reconstructionist Mike Lofgren
Former Sherburne County Budget Director Patti Hetrick
Former Sherburne County Social Services Director Don Strei
Former MSP Trooper Jim Powell
Former Minneapolis Police Department Homicide Detective Richard Edinger
Cheryll Edinger
Former Elk River ISD #728 Athletic Director John Barth
Former Elk River ISD #728 Athletic Coach/Teacher Terry McLean
Former Elk River ISD #728 Principal Ron Gaarder
Dan and Doris Anderson
Former Sherburne County Attorney Walter Kaminsky
Tim Wick, ISD #728 Work Based Learning Co-ordinator
Former Sherburne County Emergency Services Director John Olson
Former Sherburne County Corrections Sergeant Craig Otto
Former Sherburne County Chief Deputy Jeffery Lindberg
Former ISD #728 Teacher Guenther Sagan
ISD #728 Assistant High School Principal Ken Jordan


Bruce Anderson has the ability to get things done that have both local and regional impact for the citizens he serves. His tenure as Sheriff of Sherburne County stands as testimony to his leadership and the collaborative approach he takes to government. He has been both visionary and practical in the past and I am confident he will continue to lead that way in the future. I believe he is the right choice for the citizens of Sherburne County.

Bruce Andersohn
Retired Anoka County Sheriff

Bruce Anderson has been a friend of my family for many years. I have followed his career starting with his Elk River High School football success. Even then, he was not only a skilled player but was also a team leader who motivated the rest of the team to do their very best. He has continued that style throughout his professional and personal life, which has brought him success in his chosen career and greatly benefited the Sherburne County community. During my sixteen years as Sherburne County Commissioner, I worked closely with Sheriff Bruce Anderson and appreciated the many ideas and innovations he brought forth; particularly his success in securing the Federal jail contract which has brought over $120 million dollars since 2000 into our community. I was there and I know this project was conceived and promoted by Bruce and would not have happened without his tireless efforts. When I decided to retire, I encouraged Bruce to run for my commissioner seat, but he was not finished with his projects in the Sheriff’s Department. I was very happy to see that Bruce would once again like to serve his community with his exceptional leadership abilities. I cannot wait to see what innovative ideas he will bring forth. Please join me in voting for Bruce Anderson for County Commissioner to bring cost effective, innovative and collaborative leadership for Sherburne County.

Arne Engstrom

I have known Bruce Anderson for almost twenty years and was an avid supporter in his first bid for Sheriff. He was, and is, an extremely effective team leader for Sherburne County Government and I’m sure will represent Elk River with the same integrity. I am very pleased that Bruce has decided to return to a leadership position in our community. He will bring his long-standing commitment to professional and cost-effective management. Bruce is one of those rare administrators who motivates and empowers others to be the best they can be, which is the example he has always set. Please join me in voting for Bruce Anderson for County Commissioner.

Tim Jeanetta

May this letter serve as my endorsement for Sheriff Bruce Anderson as County Commissioner. I have known Bruce for 24 years. He has served the County for over 30 years with a proven record of leadership. I believe Bruce possesses all the knowledge and work ethic to be a dedicated County Commissioner.

Jeffery Lindberg

Sheriff Brott Nominates His Predecessor for Leadership Award

Thank you for providing the opportunity for input into Bruce Anderson’s nomination for your 2009 Leadership Award for the City of Elk River. I can think of no one more deserving of this honor. It is impossible to articulate all of his accomplishments and the impact he has had on the community so I have attempted to hit the highlights.

Bruce Anderson is a life long resident of Sherburne County and the Elk River area. He graduated from Elk River High School where he excelled in sports. He was awarded a football scholarship to the University of Minnesota which he forfeited to begin employment with the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office. Though only 19 at the time, Bruce knew he wanted a career in law enforcement. (Read More)

I was pleased to discover that Bruce Anderson is running for Sherburne County Commissioner when I read an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on June 23rd.  However, I was very puzzled by a quote in the article made by Larry Farber, also running for the position.  “He may have been the head of the department, but I have government experience,” Farber said when asked about Anderson.  “Until you’re actually in county government or local government, you don’t know what it is like.”

Nothing could be farther from the truth!  I served as Sherburne County Administrator for nine years, retiring in 1999.  During that time I worked closely with Sheriff Bruce Anderson.  He was, and is, exceptionally knowledgeable regarding county government and demonstrated his remarkable ability not only as the manager of the sheriff’s department, but as an effective leader in county government as a whole and the entire community as well.  During my tenure with the county, we faced tough economic times.  Bruce was an exceptional role model for local government.  He always promoted and facilitated a team effort among managers, both in and outside of county government, to work hard and find innovative ways to continue to provide the services citizens need and want.  He always had the best interests of community service as his goal, not his personal interest nor his department interests.  I relied on Bruce to work with myself, the other county managers, cities, and townships to find ways to accomplish a balanced budget while keeping essential services and minimizing the property tax impact on our citizens.  Bruce’s contribution in the areas of securing federal contacts, land acquisition and even economic development went far beyond his duties as Sheriff.  He daily demonstrated his leadership abilities and team building skills.

I was fortunate to work with and learn from Bruce and encourage Sherburne County citizens to vote for Bruce Anderson as County Commissioner and give him the opportunity to once again provide innovative and collaborative leadership to the community he loves.

David Loch

During my tenure as Director of Court Services (Probation), which ran from July of 1996 to January of 2008, Bruce Anderson was the Sherburne County Sheriff. During that period of time, both he and his entire department showed nothing less than total support for our office. Sheriff Anderson sat on the Corrections Committee, was instrumental in starting and implementing the juvenile and adult Work Crews, provided transports to and from various detention facilities, and developed an in-house chemical dependency program for adult offenders incarcerated in the Sherburne County jail. In addition, his office provided two-way radios to the probation office - radios that could be used to immediately communicate with Sheriff' security at the Government Center in the event of an emergency.

Supervising both juvenile and adult misdemeanor/gross misdemeanor offenders in the community and in the schools would, in my opinion, be extremely difficult without a good working relationship with local law enforcement. I felt that we had that under my tenure there, as Court Services Director.

Dave Beckers

I was pleased to learn that Bruce Anderson is coming out of retirement to once again serve his community in the role of County Commissioner. I worked with Bruce as he demonstrated his commitment to youth and the schools of Sherburne County. During his term as sheriff he helped form a partnership between the Elk River Schools, Becker Schools, Big Lake Schools and Central Minnesota Jobs and Training. As a result of Bruce's involvement and with the Sheriff's department financial contribution we were able to open up Twice as Nice Thrift Store in Zimmerman. This collaboration also resulted in establishing many partnerships through the county for youth that may have been struggling to find employment. Bruce Anderson has made a huge impact on the youth of our communities. I want to say thanks, Bruce, for your zeal and hard work in improving conditions for our area youth. I look forward to your continued involvement as County Commissioner.

Timothy Wick

This year’s general election is rightly receiving abundant attention. A large voter turnout is expected to elect political leaders at all levels of government. Perhaps the most impactful vote to be cast will be for our municipal, county and state representatives. They are the ones that live in our neighborhoods and make decisions affecting our local taxes and how local government appropriates those revenues to provide services for the benefit of its citizens.

When voting for Sherburne County District One county commissioner, I will be voting for Bruce Anderson. I have known Bruce for over 30 years during his stellar service to the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Department. His reputation is characterized by tireless leadership, impeccable integrity, open-mindedness, innovative thinking and financial responsibility. He knows how county government functions and benefits the citizens. In addition, he is one of the hardest working persons I have ever known. His work ethic will no doubt carry over to his service on our behalf as our county commissioner.

I ask you to join me in voting on Nov.6 for Bruce Anderson for Sherburne County Commissioner.

Stewart Wilson

I have known Bruce Anderson, candidate for County Commissioner, since we both attended Elk River High School. I have worked for the school district for 21 years, the last 10 as head custodian at Elk River Senior High. Bruce and I maintained our friendship over the years, centered on our continued involvement with the schools and youth of Elk River. Bruce has always been very involved with our kids. He has been a positive role model, a mentor to youth, and actively involved as both a participant and promoter of sports in the community. Bruce understands that our kids are the future of our community, and has always worked to provide the leadership and resources they need. I am very happy that Bruce will be positioned to maintain and improve our youth services in his role as county commissioner.

Terry Zerwas

I am writing to endorse Bruce Anderson for Sherburne County Commissioner.

Bruce made a great impact as Sheriff with his work ethic, integrity, and passion for improvement. He will continue his commitment to the people of Sherburne county. I recommend Bruce for Commissioner!

Paul Martin
Pittsburgh Penguins

This letter of endorsement is written for Bruce Anderson who is running for the position of County Commissioner in Sherburne County.

I have known Bruce for some forty years, and have followed his career from the time he was a High School Student and Athlete at the Elk River Senior High to his long and successful career in the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Department. I supported Bruce when he ran for Sheriff and watched him make that Department the premier Law Enforcement Department in the State of Minnesota.

What you get with Bruce is simply the best this area has to offer. Bruce works hard, sets high standards for himself and for those who work with him. His honesty and integrity were well known and he expected no less from those he worked with. During his years as Sheriff he was a leader in the field. If you were looking for a model for a Public Servant he is it.

I attended his retirement ceremony several years ago and watched in amazement as every Branch of Law Enforcement honored him. I think he ranks as one of the top employees Sherburne County has ever had.

When Bruce was Sheriff, I would talk with him often. He was always helpful to the School System and more than willing to help in any way possible. I know that he was a leader in keeping crime and problems out of the Sherburne County Schools.

I was surprised to hear that Bruce was funning for a County Commissioner seat. I expected to hear that he was active, but I didn’t think we would be so lucky as to have him continue in County Government.

If elected, we will find that Bruce will make an excellent Commissioner. Bruce will work for County Government like he did in Law Enforcement. He will strive to make Sherburne County the best local government unit around.

Bruce was at the top of any list of successful Elk River Graduates. He was at the top of the list of Great Minnesota Sheriffs and I have no reason to believe that he won’t rise to the top of Great County Commissioners.

Ronald E. Gaarder

Elk River Star News

I have had the opportunity as the former Fire Chief of the City of Elk River to work closely with each of the candidates for Sherburne County Commissioner from District One. I am supporting Bruce Anderson in the November 6, 2012 election because of his integrity, commitment to the residents of Sherburne County and his innovative thinking. Bruce will bring his vast government knowledge, understanding, work together attitude, hard-working ethic and first-hand experience as the former Sheriff of Sherburne County to the County Board. Both candidates are excellent people but I am supporting Bruce Anderson for District One Commissioner because of his extensive work in County government but more importantly the respect he has garnered not only in Sherburne County District One, but the entire county.

Bruce Anderson will represent District One in the challenging times ahead with his strong, proven leadership skills in a cost effective, fiscally responsible, efficient way. Bruce will listen to the residents of Sherburne County District One in a calm and respectful manner and values the opinion of each and every resident.

Please join me in supporting Bruce Anderson for Sherburne County District One Commissioner on November 6, 2012.

Bruce West

Please consider voting for Bruce Anderson for Sherburne County Commissioner. When Sheriff Anderson formed the Sherburne County S.A.L.T. Council (Seniors & Law Enforcement Together), I served as a SALT Council Member until May 2012. Bruce Anderson's commitment to seniors and their concerns was evident to me every time I witnessed him interacting with older adults. He took the time to listen, follow through with requests and it was evident that he was genuinely interested and cared. He respected and addressed their issues. Bruce Anderson will be totally committed to citizens of all ages of Sherburne County and will give 100% to get the job done.

Suzanne Kostanshek,
Retired Senior Center Coordinator, City of Elk River

Honest, sincere and passionate with a strong work ethic are not often used to describe a candidate running for elected office. However, Bruce Anderson embodies all of those characteristics and I am writing in support of him for District 1 county commissioner.

Bruce will bring strong, transparent leadership to Sherburne County. In these difficult economic times, thoughtful consideration to our county budget is important, but Bruce will not sacrifice the quality of service to and safety of the citizens of Sherburne County.

Elect Bruce Anderson, a strong, considerate leader of District 1, Sherburne County Commission.

Daryl Thompson

Elk River Star News

Letter to the Editor
Submitted: October 10, 2012

I have known Bruce Anderson since 1975 when I was a police officer in Big Lake and later in Elk River. I worked closely with Bruce as our careers progressed. I knew him to be a tireless, thorough and dedicated investigator and supervisor. I witnessed his leadership abilities as he directed several high profile criminal investigations I was involved with. Bruce had my support in his successful bid for sheriff. Bruce became sheriff at a critical time for Sherburne County, as it was growing rapidly and seeing tremendous change. Through his abilities to network, prioritize, organize, implement, and administrate, he built a department that met the challenges. Bruce is an innovative leader. He is not afraid to “think outside of the box” in finding solutions. He is a visionary leader who has demonstrated the ability to see all sides of an issue, consider various solutions and recognize opportunities, while remaining focused on the objectives. I am confident that, as a county commissioner, Bruce will again serve the citizens of Sherburne County with integrity, honesty, determination, fiscal responsibility and vision toward the future. I strongly urge you to join me in supporting Bruce for District One Sherburne County commissioner.

Tom Tyler
Elk River
Retired Investigative Sergeant, Elk River Police Department

If I were to list all the things that Bruce has accomplished as our sheriff, the list would be longer than you want to read and I want to write. Bruce has already had several letters to the editor in this paper attesting to this and I am sure he will have several more all stating the many things he has done for Elk River and Sherburne County. I would encourage you to go to his website, www.electbruceAnderson.com to get the whole picture. I know Bruce pretty well and I wasn’t aware of all his accomplishments. I also found out that he hasn’t listed them all for fear of bragging. He doesn’t do these things for recognition, but as a lifelong resident he really does love helping this city, county and the people.

It isn’t often that you can find a public servant that not only has saved the taxpayer money but has made money for us, actually millions. Go to the website and get the whole story. We can’t afford to miss this opportunity. Elect Bruce Anderson Sherburne County commissioner. He’s the real deal, as Maynard would say, he is a heckuvadeal! Thank you for your attention.

Pete Kimball

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